the one with the french fries

January 29, 2020

the one with the french fries

the one with the french fries
Ot the guy

Remember that episode of Friends where Ross is doing a quiz and asks Joey and Chandler what Rachel says her favorite movie is, and what it actually is.

I feel that way about Caesar salad and french fries.

I say my favorite food is Caesar salad but maybe it really is french fries.

I do order a Caesar salad probably 80% of the time I am at a restaurant and I make them for lunch at home weekly.

But I really do love me some french fries too. But as a nutritionist I could never say french fries are my favorite food!! 

They are.

And Caesar salad.

So maybe my perfect meal is a Caesar salad with french fries.

Let's stop vilifying food and feeling guilty about liking what we like. Scarcity and deprivation are much more dangerous to our mindset and health than fried foods.

And who remembers Rachel's movies?