4 wellbeing apps on my phone

January 8, 2020

We all have cell phones and I am sure a ton of apps on our phone. Some we may use regularly and many probably sit in a folder, forgotten, never used. How many wellness apps have you downloaded thinking they would be the best but a year later you delete them?

4 wellbeing apps

I feel like in my never-ending journey that is minimalism I have decreased the amount of mindless app downloading and am much more intentional. Although I still like to try new apps and see what I am missing, I no longer hold on to them very long if I find I don't use them. So the following apps are actually really good apps that I use regularly and have had staying power.

And even though I am a nutritionist, good health is not just what you eat. So most are not food related.

4 Wellbeing apps on my phone

1. Headspace - this is probably the one out of all on the list that gets the most play. It is a mediation app and it is fantastic. I love that if you are brand new to meditating it gives you a lot of guidance. There are also a lot of different lengths. So you might only want to start off with a few minutes but after a few months you are ready to do 10 or more.

What I love about mediating is that it is not about clearing your mind of all thoughts, it is more about focus and breathing and letting the thoughts that you know will come about in and then acknowledging them. It helps for anyone who is an over-thinker.  Or for those that tend to stew over a scenario that you are upset about. It's so hard to let go, but with meditation, it makes it easier.

2.  Streaks - Simple, Easy to Use, Daily Habit Tracker  - This is on the play store and I know that there are This one I used for almost 100 days straight when I ran a mile a day. I think I got to 88 actually. Habits are so hard sometimes to start and keep. So this was a nice visual reminder. You just make a task that you want to do everyday and when you do it, you check it off. It also kind of forces you to make small habits that you really can accomplish since you are doing them everyday. Then hopefully, after 66 days, you will have a new habit.

3. Samsung Health - OK so yes, this is specific for samsung, but I would not be surprised if other phones had their own built in version of a health app. I like that it is automatically there and cannot be taken off, so I might as well use it vs. going through the play store and trying to find a different perfect app.
I don't use all the features, but what I like most is the step counter. I don't always track my steps, but I do almost always have my phone and so it just does it automatically for me.

4. Stayfree - This one is my ABSOLUTE favorite and I don't listen to it nearly enough.  Stayfree is an app that tracks your cell phone and app usage. I think iphones do this already and maybe samsung does too, but I love this app. You can have it track specific apps and actually time you out once you go over. SO if you only want to spend 30 minutes on social media, once you hit that 30 minutes you can set it to exit out. Or you can just have a pop up come up saying you have reached your predetermined limit. I only have the free version and it also shows a weekly usage, So you can see over a week how much time you were on it and how many minutes/hours you were on a particular app.
It is so eye-opening and really helps you to see how you are spending your time. I know there have been days where I feel like I do not have enough time to do everything I want and yet I look at this app and think, well maybe if I wasn't on instagram so much I could have gotten more done. #oops

So those are my top 4 wellbeing apps on my phone right now. Over this year I am sure I will add more along the way, however I am absolutely avoiding any that are food tracking, calorie counting, etc. I am moving to an intuitive eating philosophy.