words to avoid with intuitive eating

January 22, 2020

Are you starting to embrace this concept of intuitive eating with me? If so, there are some words you are going to want to train yourself to stop saying.

words to avoid with intuitive eating

These are all common words we often hear, but they may be sabotaging your efforts at being successful with a healthy lifestyle. First, it is important to recognize the words and then it is important to try to avoid them.

words to avoid with intuitive eating

Cheat meal
Back on track - I've talked about that before
I did bad/I was bad/ I ate bad
Clean eating - because the assumption is the opposite of clean is dirty, and no foods are dirty
Eat clean
Healthy choices - all choices can be a part of good health
Moderation- this may be controversial, but saying everything in moderation still makes decisions external instead of how you feel
Healthy fats
Healthy carbs
Heck just Carbs - even saying that means you are paying attention to the nutrients that make up the food instead of looking at the whole picture.
Treat day
Eat this, not that
Guilty pleasure
junk food

The words above are so ingrained in our culture. I know there are probably many more that I cannot think of or haven't come across recently.  

But when it comes to eating, words are not just words. They can create a sense of guilt and shame that is not healthy. It is not easy to change your vocabulary, but recognizing is a start.