don't toss the cookies

January 6, 2020

So I had to throw out some cookies the other day.

don't toss the cookies

Not because I wanted to be healthy.
Not because I wanted to get rid of a temptation.
Not for resolutions or anything to do with nutrition.

The reason I had to throw out some cookies was simply because they had gotten stale after sitting out several weeks past the holiday.

The thing is, many people would feel guilty for having the cookies, nibbling on the cookies, finishing the cookies.

Don't feel guilty! If they are good, keep those cookies. Eat those cookies, get rid of the guilt of cookies. Intuitive eating and giving yourself permission to eat what you want, when you want, and in whatever amounts means less bingeing, less food obsession, less guilt.

But if the cookies are actually bad, then yes, toss em.