sunday night self-talk

January 19, 2020

Have you had the talk?
sunday night self-talk

It’s late Sunday night. You had a great weekend. Maybe hung out with friends, went out to dinner, watched some sports, etc. And now you are feeling guilty. You are no longer thinking of the great times you had, you are thinking of food mistakes you made.

And you vow to do better this week.

I know I am not the only one who has done this. And it is always late at night on a Sunday and keeps me up. It starts with guilt and moves to planning and envisioning my best week ever.

There is no issue with wanting to be better and improve health. But if you have this talk with yourself repeatedly, then maybe it is time to stop.

These negative self-talk sessions are not helping in the long term. If you really want a “lifestyle” change, you need to honor the things that happen in your life and get to a place where you are thinking about the company and event and not what you are putting in your mouth.