I don't like drinking my food

January 13, 2020

I don't like drinking my food. 

i don't like drinking food

I just don't. Unless it's wine or coffee.

And I'm sure I am not alone.

The idea of a smoothie or protein shake may seem like a good one, but it may also back-fire.
It doesn't create the same fullness as eating.

Many people start a new "diet" at this time that includes shakes thinking they are a good, quick, lower calorie alternative to a meal. But they might just cause you to miss food and chewing. Then all you are thinking about is a real meal.

If you are drinking breakfast dreaming of toast ( or Caesar salad) or drinking lunch thinking of a sandwich maybe drinking your food goes against your natural food preferences.

If you find yourself doctoring up your shake with crunchy granola, berries, seeds, etc maybe drinking your food is not for you.

And although I have in the past done challenges where I am drinking meals, I never did it for long periods of time. It was always short-lived.

If you find yourself trying a shake/smoothie diet cause it worked the last time, did it really? Then you wouldn't be back trying it again. Drinking meals is not sustainable.