ice cream is nice cream

January 24, 2020

Have you seen "nice cream"?

ice cream is nice cream

It is made with a base of bananas and then you can add other ingredients to jazz it up.

First off I don't like bananas. I have them maybe 3 times a year.

But secondly, ice cream is nice! Ice cream is good! Ice cream is fine! If you want ice cream have ice cream. You do not have to deny yourself ice cream and then make some sub-par substitute to satisfy your cravings.

Will it satisfy your cravings? Not mine.

Now the other side it, if you generally love bananas and "nice cream" is something you really love and are so happy to get to eat - go for it. Not because you want to be healthy, but because you genuinely and truly want it. Go crazy and add peanut butter, or chocolate chips, or cocoa, or all of them.

But the more we try to substitute "healthy" foods for the foods we are really cravings the more we are ignoring what our body wants and how our body feels. We need to be more mindful of when we eat so that ice cream is just ice cream and "nice cream" is not punishment.

And if you want a really cool tool to make ice cream at home, my cousin got us this ice cream frozen plate. (affiliate link) So easy. You just make a base and put it on the plate and then add in your mix-ins like Cold Stone.

If you are interested in intuitive eating, and would like to read more here are some great articles:

And if you are looking for a simple ice cream recipe that you can make with just a few ingredients and no ice cream maker needed or frozen plate check out my